The most significant advantage when managing purchases and invoices in a single system is the automatic matching of orders and invoices.


The majority of your competitors have full control of their purchases and invoices. They work efficiently with constant access to statistics for both orders from a certain supplier and invoices from a certain supplier.

Your competitors has full control of their entire purchasing process, from the moment the order is sent to when the invoice is approved and ready.

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Whether you are working in purchasing, contracts, approval or project management, Symbrio carries with it great benefits.

The most significant benefits from having the purchase and invoice management in a single system:

  1. automatic matching between purchase and invoice

  2. more streamlined work process with a greater degree of control

  3. reduced costs


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The CEO gets a complete picture of all the company’s purchases and invoices.

The various available reports and the ability to print to Excel helps the CEO get important information ahead of upcoming negotiations.

The CEO also receives important information about purchases made at the company, whether the company is being invoiced correctly, or just a quick check-in to find the best price using the Price Comparison.

How a CEO benefits from using Symbrio

Procurement Directors can retrieve reports to use in upcoming negotiations.

​How much did we actually order from a certain supplier? Which items and how many? How we carry out our procurements. Do we usually phone them? Or is it the other way around?

​These and many other questions the Procurement Director might have are answered by Symbrio.

How a Procurement Director benefits from using Symbrio


The Finance department can follow an invoice throughout its entire journey. You can retrieve important price deviation reports containing information on whether you have been invoiced correctly.

​Who has done what to the invoice? Where is the invoice now? Which person or group approves the invoice?

​These, and many other questions that the Finance department might have, are answered by Symbrio.

How the finance department benefits from using Symbrio


A project manager can monitor the entire process from the order being placed to the invoice being approved. The Project Manager is in charge of their own follow-up and does not have to rely on reports from other parties, such as suppliers.

​Are there any delivery deviations? Are we being invoiced correctly? How much did we actually order?

​These and many other questions that the Project Manager might have are answered by Symbrio.

How a Project Manager benefits from using Symbrio


The mechanic can place orders while out in the field through their smartphone or tablet. By using the Price Comparison, the mechanic can easily find the best price, order using the material list, quick order or by copying a previous order.

​The risk of an error occurring is minimal.

The purchasing system also adheres to the purchaser’s contracts without having to refer to it.

How a mechanic benefits from using Symbrio