Symbrio AB respects your privacy and your right to have control over your personal data. We will be open about what information we collect and why and we will protect it in as secure a way as possible.

Symbrio AB’s (“Symbrio”) policy concerning personal data describes what data we collect, for what purpose it is collected, and how you can contact us. This personal data policy applies when you visit our website.

Personal data that we collect

Symbrio collects information directly from you as a client or potential client. The personal data that we collect is your name, IP address and e-mail address.


Symbrio registers your personal data:

  1. When you register for a webbinar/seminar.

  2. When you fill in your e-mail address on Symbrio’s website.

  3. When you contact us via e-mail, phone or our websites.

  4. If you register for Symbrio’s newsletters/release information.

  5. If you notify us that you are interested in working for us.

  6. If you visit our websites.

  7. If you visit our websites in order to improve your user experience.

Collection with consent

By filling in a consent form (for example subscribe to newsletters, take advantage of offers, etc.), you give your consent to your personal data (for example your name and e-mail address) being stored.

When you actively state your e-mail address, for example when you book a demo, we also collect your IP address.

When you visit our website, you also consent to our saving cookies.   

Information that can be disclosed

We can share information with other companies that process data on our behalf for us to be able to carry out our services, e.g. analysis, distribution or other services to maintain and apply our user terms and terms of delivery. In all handling of personal data, however, high security and secrecy are always observed.  

Symbrio collaborates only with partners who process personal data within the EU/EEA or with companies who maintain the same level of protection as within the EU/EEA by for example having undertaken to comply with the Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the USA. Symbrio is responsible in applicable cases for drawing up data processor agreements with these parties.

About cookies

When you visit our website, personal data may be collected through for example cookies. This is done, however, via a separate consent. In such cases, the information relating to your use and which pages you visit is stored. This might be technical information about your device and Internet connection such as operating system, web browser version, IP address and cookies.


When visiting our websites where our services are available, various technologies are used to recognise you with the purpose of learning more about our users. This may be done either directly or by using third-party technology.

Lawful grounds, storage and erasure of personal data

When you provide information to Symbrio, you give your permission for Symbrio to register and store your personal data. As lawful grounds for processing Symbrio will refer to fulfilment of agreement, justified interest or consent. If Symbrio uses justified interest as grounds, it will only be done for the above-stated purposes.

Note that you can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us. For contact details see under the heading How to contact us. 

Processing is done in accordance with current legislation and means that personal data is not preserved for longer than is necessary with consideration to the purposes of the processing. Symbrio will store your personal data as long for as you are our client or for as long as we are carrying on a dialogue. What this means in practical terms is that data is erased when it is no longer current or necessary for analyses or direct marketing for the purposes for which it was collected. In all handing of personal data, high security and secrecy are always observed.

Your rights and choices

You have rights as regards your personal data and you have the possibility to affect your information and what is saved. Symbrio will at its own or its client’s initiative rectify data that is found to be inaccurate. If you consider that we are not respecting your rights, please contact Symbrio at:

You can request not to receive marketing communications from us at any time by contacting us or by deregistering for further communication by e-mail to

Links to other websites

In the event that our website contains links to a third party’s websites or material published by a third party, these links are for information purposes only. Since Symbrio has no control over the content of these websites or their material, we are not responsible for their content. Nor is Symbrio responsible for harm or loss that might arise from use of these links.


How to contact us

For more information about how we handle personal data or if you have questions, please contact us at:


Symbrio AB

Östgötagatan 12, SE-116 25, Stockholm.

tel: +46 (0)8-20 49 50 556570-1488