BRAVIDA operate in a market where competition is intense


Bravida is the Nordic region's foremost end-to-end supplier of technical installations and related services. The company has 8,000 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The organisation is decentralised with some 160 units throughout Scandinavia. Bravida operates in a shrinking and highly competitive market. One of its overall goals is to improve efficiency in all areas. In efforts to optimise its purchasing process, the company chose the Symbrio purchasing system.

Problem scenario

Before Symbrio was introduced, purchases were managed via traditional channels such as the telephone, fax, e-mail and wholesalers. This made the process of gathering information about prices, delivery capacity and so on from several suppliers a time-consuming process for project managers.

In addition to managing the actual purchasing manually, the entire administrative process, including order confirmations and delivery confirmations, was completely paper-based. This also applied to the internal approval process, which entailed an extensive flow of documents between personnel and workplaces.


Bravida's goal was to implement a purchasing system that would do away with tasks that do not add value to the purchasing process. Furthermore, the purchasing system was to provide project managers with a good overview of the entire material function and a comprehensive view of the purchasing management process. It was also to support the order process by providing online access to prices and delivery capacity statuses, as well as the option of checking prices and quantities on delivery invoices against original orders and actual deliveries.

Lars Korduner, Purchasing Manager, Bravida


The solution was the Symbrio purchasing and invoice management system, a complete purchasing tool specially designed for the construction and installation industry. Symbrio handles the entire purchasing process from item searches and price comparisons to invoicing and approval.

​Project managers create their orders in the purchasing system via an Internet connection. Symbrio communicates with suppliers via either EDI or a web interface.Ordered goods are delivered the next day unless otherwise agreed. Orders that are created outside the system, such as over the phone or at wholesalers, are easily registered in the system by the suppliers, enabling all purchasing information to be gathered in the system.


Symbrio can be integrated with the user's other systems, such as business, accounting and maintenance systems. Suppliers with an EDI connection can also integrate their order systems with Symbrio. Orders are then handled automatically, thereby even optimising the supplier's order system. Today, an overwhelming majority of all purchases are made via EDI-connected suppliers.


At Bravida, about ten people – from fitters to key purchasing personnel – participated in both the preparations and the implementation phase. The project has been run by purchasing personnel, not IT personnel, and has been kept within the framework established at the outset.

Aside from the technical work, a large emphasis has been placed on involving the users in the process. A prioritised aspect has been to give the project managers insight into how Symbrio creates the necessary conditions for better business. All project managers have attended a one or two-day training course.

Outcome for Bravida

An overwhelming majority of Bravida Sweden's total transaction volume is now managed via Symbrio. About 1,800 users use the system daily. The entire purchasing process from order to approval takes place online. This has resulted in major improvements in internal efficiency. The entire value chain from supplier to fitter has been optimised, which has resulted in lower purchase prices. The system has now been implemented throughout Scandinavia.

Outcome for suppliers

Since Bravida's orders are placed directly in the suppliers' business systems, the suppliers' order management is optimised. All parties involved in the value chain benefit from resources being released for other tasks. By connecting to Symbrio, the suppliers also gain a golden opportunity to reach out to Bravida's entire organisation.

Lars Korduner, Chief Procurement Officer, Bravida


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