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As a new customer, you'll meet the implementation team when it's time to thoroughly integrate our purchasing and invoice management system with your operations. Existing customers also work with us when new companies are to be incorporated, new functions are to be developed, new suppliers are to be connected, an ERP system is to be replaced or other needs arise.

For our part, it's all about coordinating the many different components included in an implementation project in the best possible way. We follow a well-defined process with clear roles wherein we have full control of what is to be done during the project.

Imagine that as a new customer you are to conduct an implementation project

What does it involve?

  •  We arrange a startup meeting with you at which we establish the required roles and explain how the process will unfold.
  • Now it's time to meet you! Together we analyse and map your process and needs. This results in an analysis document that serves as an agreement between us.
  • The analysis document details how Symbrio is to be set up. This can entail, for example, which accounting code strings are to apply, which type of integration solution is best and how the scanning solution will be implemented. Naturally, all of this must be approved by you, the customer.
  • Now it's time to set up all the parameters and, eventually, to conduct flow tests.
  • As the customer, you conduct acceptance tests on everything and even check that the information flow from Symbrio is managed by your ERP system in the manner you prefer. Symbrio's application specialist offers advice on what to test!
  • Once the implementation is complete it's time for training and commissioning.

We then evaluate the entire project, both together with you and internally. Is there anything we could do better? Were any new issues encountered? What worked well?

This is so that we can continually improve at what we do!

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