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Our customers also set the bar for us

As our customers grow into the system, so do requests for new functions, which result in requirements. The requirements are sent to our application specialists, and while they are sometimes very customer specific they can also be general. Our product owner is responsible for the requirements process.

The requirements provide a basis for Symbrio's product development and ensure that the system is developed in line with the reality that our customers face.

Depending on the complexity of the requirements, the implementation time varies, but regardless of the scope of the requirements here at Symbrio we work with a secure process with the involvement of suitable project participants. These may be application experts, developers, product managers, integrators or project managers.


Many suppliers are already connected to Symbrio, both large, well-known companies and smaller companies. The suppliers can also be connected in different ways. We often hear about a supplier from our customers. Sometimes a supplier may contact us and ask how they can go about getting connected.

Regardless of how a customer or supplier wishes to connect, we have well-oiled machinery in place. Most important, however, is the existence of an agreement between the supplier and the customer.

What happens when a customer acquires a new company?

Companies grow and expand. This applies to our customers, which sometimes acquire other companies or are acquired themselves and then made independent again. The construction and installation industry is in a state of flux.

Customers most often contact our customer managers and together we establish the framework for implementing the new company.

Several employees from Symbrio can be involved in the project depending on its scope. In order for the new company to be able to work in Symbrio we need certain information that must be registered in the system:


Our Help Desk is open 8–16.30 weekdays

Symbrio's Help Desk currently has a staff of two who take care of customers and suppliers once they've been implemented in the system. The ambition is to resolve reported issues as soon as possible, with the highest priority assigned to critical cases.

But with more than 20,000 transactions a day, sometimes it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Despite this, our Help Desk always finds the problem, sometimes without assistance, sometimes with the aid of other experts at Symbrio.

Symbrio's Help Desk offers second line support, which means that we seldom provide support for purely user-related issues. Each customer has at least one internal super user to deal with end user issues.

What happens if a customer changes its ERP system?

Sometimes, a customer changes its ERP system. In many cases, Symbrio has suitable connections. This can encompass, for example, invoices that we transfer to be invoiced on, but we also receive information that we need for our system, such as updated project files, approval rules and user information.

In conjunction with a customer changing ERP system we need to make certain technical adjustments. Preferably, everything should take place as effectively as possible so that the customer can continue working as soon as possible.

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