Symbrio Purchase provides full control of your purchases

What exactly do we mean when we say full control of your purchases? For us, this entails not only writing something that sounds good, but actually meaning what we say. Symbrio Purchase provides full control! Regardless of whether your organisation is large or small, numerous purchases are always made, from a packet of Post-it notes to a complete alarm system. Regardless of the amount, you still want control of what you've purchased, at what price, where it was purchased and probably a great deal more.

Symbrio Purchase won't leave you floundering, we promise! You can follow a purchase from square one to fully approved invoice, Symbrio Invoice.

Let's look at a simple example:

You need to order a packet of Screw Set 20S. You start registering the order in Symbrio Purchase and add the item to your basket. You add more items.

You need to quickly see which supplier has the lowest price for the screw set so you click Price Comparison.

Always the best price!

Symbrio's Price Comparison enables you to quickly compare prices between different suppliers. You can optimise comparisons in several different ways, such as with project discounts.

Once you've decided which item you want, you click your selection and send your order.

Track your order from A to Z!

Once an order has been sent, a great deal of data associated with the order is stored.

You'll receive confirmation, a delivery note and an invoice, all linked to the order so that you can easily follow it each step of the way. 

Regardless of the order type, the order, confirmation, delivery note and invoice are all interlinked.

What do Bravida, Imtech and Caverion have in common?

Large companies are not the only ones that need to take control of their purchases. All types of company need control and a good overview of their purchases.

  • Do you have full control of your purchases today?
  • Do you know if you're paying the correct and agreed price?
  • Do you know the purchase volume of your project?

With Symbrio Purchase you ...

  • always pay the right price
  • favour purchases from preferred suppliers
  • compare your suppliers on every order using a unique price comparison function
  • check stock levels via a single system for all suppliers before placing an order
  • minimise the number of wild purchases

  • gain control of your purchasing patterns
  • manage suppliers, agreements, specific discounts and bonuses
  • negotiate better supplier agreements with the aid of comprehensive statistics
  • gain support for complex agreement structures
  • have access to automatic matching of purchases against agreements and invoices

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