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The Price Comparison function is our pride and joy and the tool most appreciated by our customers for finding the best prices.

Price Comparison began as a powerful tool for comparing prices at item level. It was a useful aid, but over the years our customers have had increasing demands for additional functionality. As such, Price Comparison has grown radically and is now a tool that even helps increase delivery reliability in different ways, such as via automatic stock level checks, purchase controls and the option of structured agreement loyalty.  

Price Comparison uses the suppliers' item numbers or industry numbers and immediately presents the lowest price as soon as you've selected the items you want to compare. It doesn't matter how the supplier is connected to Symbrio, as long as the agreed items have been imported to Symbrio. A supplier can be connected as an EDI supplier, a web supplier or a manual supplier – common to all is that the suppliers' item files (agreements) have been imported to Symbrio.

Price Comparison in Symbrio

What's more, Price Comparison can compare alternative items if a supplier doesn't have a particular item in stock. Most suppliers also have an online stock level function so that Symbrio users can see immediately whether the item to be ordered is in stock.

And if this isn't enough, Symbrio can also take into account a very complex set of discounts, that is, if a certain item is discounted then Price Comparison takes this into account when presenting the price.

As we're all aware, there are many types of discount, such as project discounts, order value discounts, planning discounts, EDI discounts and volume discounts. Regardless of the type of discount you receive, we can promise that Symbrio will take your discounts into account when using the system.

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