Symbrio INVOICE provides full control of your invoices

Regardless of whether an organisation is large or small, there are always numerous invoices to take care of. Situations regularly arise where you need to know where in the organisation the invoice is, whether it's been approved, whether the invoiced price matches the agreed price, whether a scanned invoice was correctly recognised or the answer to some other query. Common to all these questions is that you want control of your invoices and reduced administration needs.

Symbrio Invoice gives you control of all types of invoice!

Symbrio Invoice gives you control of ALL types of invoice!

You gain control of all invoices via ...

  • electronic invoice management (EIM)
  • scanned invoices
  • web-based approval flow
  • flexible approval rules
  • matching of purchase orders & agreed prices
  • matching of delivery notes & goods received
  • pre-coded invoices
  • searchable invoice archive
  • invoice log for follow-ups
  • simple deviation management


Large companies are not the only ones that need to take control of their invoices. All types of company need to take control of their invoices.

  • Do you know how many invoices have been correctly priced?
  • Do you know who approved a particular invoice?
  • Do you know how many scanned invoices you receive each year?

With Symbrio Invoice you ...

  • avoid paper-based administration
  • know where invoices are within the organisation
  • reduce the time spent on invoice management
  • avoid reminders and late payment interest
  • can receive invoices approved and coded at line level
  • get invoiced prices checked against agreed prices automatically
  • gain better control and easier follow-ups

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