Three questions – three answers!

We often hear the same types of question when we're out demonstrating our system. We believe that in visiting our website you probably want answers to the same questions.

So we've listed the three most frequently asked questions here!

1. How do discounts and bonuses work in Symbrio?

Symbrio allows you to filter your purchases with the aid of both discounts and bonuses.

The flexibility of being able to administer discounts and bonuses yourself to get users to buy via the most favourable agreement is one of Symbrio's strengths.

The Price Comparison function processes everything from the supplier's basic discount through market subsidies to any planning discounts.

2. How soon can we be up and running?

This question is actually impossible to answer, at least if the answer is to be universal. We can, however, offer a few points to consider:

  • Are you prepared internally to implement a purchasing and invoice management system?
  • Would you like to start scanning invoices immediately?
  • Would you like to get up and running with purchasing and invoices at the same time?

To help you along the way, feel free to read our blog post covering matters such as the implementation time for our system.

We don't want to waste your time

"Six weeks after startup 70% of the customer's purchases and 100% of the customer's supplier invoices are managed electronically/digitally."

/Ulrika Paulsson, Head of Implementation

You can read the full blog post over at Symblog, where Ulrika Paulsson explains how Symbrio is implemented.

3. Why should we buy via Symbrio when we have a purchasing module in our accounting system?

We are experts at purchasing and invoices. This is also reflected in our system, which has many useful functions in a user-friendly environment. We have an enormous customer base that includes, among others, seven of the ten largest installation companies, for which the most important issue is full control of their purchasing and invoices. Great savings can be made. And our customers have realised this.

A few of the most important functions:

  • Price Comparison linked to discount and bonus system
  • Very flexible discount and bonus system
  • We process all invoices with automatic matching against orders, confirmations and delivery notes
  • We continually develop new connections to suppliers
  • We have several important reports, such as on how much a supplier has invoiced linked to the agreed prices found in the system

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